Diary of events – details of things we’re doing this session (or have done recently).

September 2019 – August 2020 Session

September 2019

Monday 2nd Re-dedication of Officers TBA

Saturday 7th C/S Meeting 8/8.30 am Withdean

Monday 9th Finance Committee Followed by Executive


Monday 7th Camp Council


Monday 4th Executive

Wednesday 6th J/S Potted Sports 2nd B/H HQ

Sunday 10th Remembrance Events

Monday 11th Camp Council

Saturday 23rd Anchor Christmas Party

Friday 29th Crystal Maze C/S 3rd B/H HQ


Saturday 7th C/S Meeting 8/8.30 am Withdean

Tuesday 31st Brigade Statistical Returns due


Monday 6th Finance Committee followed by Executive

Monday 6-10th Battalion Capitations issued

Friday 17th J/s New Year Party Laser World Crawley

Friday 24th 10th Brighton Old Music Hall Show Ventnor Villas

Sunday 19th Stedfast Reunion service & AGM Southwick

Friday 31st Ernest Beal VC Award Entries due


Saturday 15th Swimming (J/S & C/S) Steyning

Saturday 15th C/S Breakfast meeting 8.30 am Withdean

Monday 10th Camp Council

MARCH 2020

Monday 2nd Executive

Friday 13th J/S Spring Competition 2nd B/H HQ

Saturday 14th Anchor Easter Party 26th Brighton

Wednesday 18th C/S Scripture Gloucester Place One Church

APRIL 2020

Monday 6th Camp Council

Friday 24th – 26th J/S Holiday Carroty Wood

Wednesday 29th Drill Competition C/S Southwick

MAY 2020

Saturday 9th C/S Breakfast Meeting 8.30 am Withdean

Monday 11th Finance Committee followed by Executive

Saturday 23rd  J/S 5-a-side football The Triangle B/H

JUNE 2020

Monday 1st Executive

Friday 5th J/S sports Braypool

Friday 12th J/s Sports (Alternative date if weather is bad)

Monday 15th Battalion Council AGM HQ

Monday 22nd Camp Council

Tuesday 23rd Harriers

Saturday 27th Anchor Outing TBA

JULY 2020

Saturday 25th Glynde Camp Begins


Friday 31st Glynde Camp Concludes

Friday 31st Battalion Financial Year Ends