The Company Section

The Company Section is tailored for young people aged 11 to 15. The Company section steps the learning curve up a notch by allowing them to take advantage of their new skills, physical development and strengthened sense of character. Young people who are part of this section, begin to gradually push the threshold of self-imposed limits. The programme is designed in such a way that they are eased into the mindset of “going forward” in life. Please Note: Ages for joining may vary from group to group. Please check with your local group for further details.


The uniform for the Company Section varies depending on the group they belong to. Generally it comes in two forms:

  • A Royal Blue Polo Shirt with a Navy Blue Sweatshirt, accompanied by black trousers and black shoes
  • A Royal Blue Boys’ Brigade shirt with an official Boys’ Brigade tie and belt, accompanied by black trousers and black shoes

Members of the Company Section will start out with an armband worn on the right arm to wear any badges they achieve. A second armband worn on the left arm may also be required dependant on progress and achievements throughout their time with the Company Section


Meetings are held on a weekly basis for 1½ – 2 hours and typically conclude by 9pm, however check our companies tab for your local company and more accurate times

Training & Development

The Training aspect of the Company Section entitles the young people to actively take part in the Discover programme that allows them to:

  • Take part in a fun, balanced and challenging programme
  • Be recognised for their effort and achievement
  • Build trusting relationships

It’s all about continuing to learn new skills, making their own decisions and having fun doing it all

The Boys’ Brigade provides a safe environment to explore new frontiers and achieve personal goals while making friends and having adventures. The Discover program revolves around three key areas

Right Armband


 Left Armband