Why Volunteer?

Seeking new challenges in life? Do you wish to develop your skills, leadership qualities and contribute towards your community? Looking to have an impact on someone else’s life?

At The Boys’ Brigade, children and young people are actively involved in a range of personal development related adventures as well as learning experiences. They are also given ample opportunities to get involved in international work, community action projects, and camps. From the tender age of 5, till they become young people of 18 years, they are encouraged to take on the world as outstanding citizens with strong moral values. We are always on the lookout for individuals to become volunteers, helping to run the activities that play such an important role in the lives of our young members. By becoming a volunteer, you give yourself the opportunity to become a part of a life changing process where you will be working shoulder to shoulder with these motivated young people and taking part in exciting activities.

The Boys’ Brigade – Changing lives for over 130 years

Looking back at the numerous members who have progressed through The Boys’ Brigade, we cannot help but feel proud of how they’ve evolved from young carefree children to outstanding members of society as they step out into the adult world to continue the success of their young lives. Their pride and joy is a true testament to how the Boys’ Brigade has changed and positively influenced their lives. Here’s your chance become an integral part of positive life changing experiences that our young people go through. Physical, mental and spiritual development is instilled in our children and young people by ensuring our Training and Development programmes allow for:

  • Fun and excitement
  • Learning new games and sports
  • Learning new skills
  • Learning about the Christian Faith
  • Camping trips
  • Building a valuable network of likeminded individuals

Personal qualities such as patience, maturity, responsibility and an understanding of young people will help you carry out your responsibilities well.